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In today’s global economy, protecting the environment has quickly moved to the forefront. People are terribly concerned about protecting the environment and conserving earth’s precious natural resources. A great way to accomplish both goals is by powering vehicles with electricity rather than fossil fuels. RAP is dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of electric vehicles and spare parts.

Our companies’ strategic geogRAP hic location in the Changxing Economic and Technological Development Zone in the Huzhou City of Zhejiang Province, provides excellent logistical advantages in terms of raw materials procurement, technology collaborations and human resources talent to name a few. PL ANTE was established and funded by the Chilwee Group.

The RAP comprehensive range of electric-powered vehicles has been exported all over the world. We have forged several collaborations with companies from Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions, which has enabled us to offer a wide range of specialist pre-sales and after-sales services. Our R&D team members have outstanding expertise in the automotive industry. They have successfully developed a wide array of innovative vehicles in response to the ever-growing market demand.

RAP was registered in May, 2016. The company was established and funded by the Chilwee Group. With a location in the Changxing Economic and Technological Development Zone, RAP specializes in producing the electric-powered vehicles and core components. Currently the company has set up two manufacturing plants, respectively in Fazhan Avenue and Taihu Avenue. The manufacturing plant in Taihu Avenue is still under construction. It spans around 174,600 square meters and requires a total investment of up to 3.5 billion yuan. This plant is large-scale, state-of-the-art, intelligent and ecologically-designed. It has integrated a myriad of services, such as administration, production, testing, research and development, etc.

Our company is currently staffed by 159 employees. We have gathered a team of passionate and creative R&D personnel with many years’ work experience in the domestic leading, large-scale listed automobile companies. Team members are not only required to learn and understand the knowledge of traditional automotive design and development, but they also need to have a wealth of practical experience.

  • Professional R&D team

  • A product is being researched and developed by our technician.

The RAP comprehensive range of electric-powered vehicles has been exported worldwide to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and other countries or regions. We have built collaborations with many companies, and we can respond to any inquiry about our company or products within 24 hours. Our wide range of services includes but is not limited to repair, installation, training, fast replacement of batteries or the packing boxes, as well as the introduction to both business policies and after-sales repair service. If you have encountered a problem when in use of our equipment, please directly contact our regional service manager. We will offer you the best possible solution and technical support as soon as possible.

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Vehicles are being tested in our factory on a large scale.
The RAP’s electric-powered vehicles are packed in the shipping containers and transported by rolling. This can ensure the large batches of goods are delivered in a timely and efficient manner.