The RAP general assembly workshop incorporates a highly organized production area of nearly 10,000 square meters. In this workshop, our highly-skilled operators use cutting-edge production equipment to produce and test our well-known line of Metro series electric vans. Their responsibilities include assembly of outstanding-performance pieces. Our vehicle production line includes a wide variety of sub-assembly and assembly stations. It normally requires 8 minutes to complete one single vehicle, and the average daily output has reached more than 50 vehicles in each shift. This allows us to fulfill your batch production requirements quickly and efficiently. Additionally, this production line works in a semi-automated mode. It uses an EMS (Electrified Monorail System) conveyor, which means the materials are handled overhead, safely and efficiently. This ensures a highly-stable manufacturing process and extremely reliable products.

When it comes to storing a wide variety of spare parts, we have set up three warehouses spanning a total area of 1,500 square meters. Furthermore, RAP has implemented a digital warehouse management system. The inventory is counted and inspected at regular intervals. We can assure our customers of an impeccable manufacturing process as well as expedient delivery and complete after-sales services.

We started constructing the manufacturing plant in Fazhan Avenue on June 20, 2016. We completed the installation and trial run of production facilities on October 15, 2016. Currently the batch production has been put into operation, and each production line is capable of completing one vehicle within 10 minutes. The daily production capacity reaches 50 vehicles.

  • Metro series electric van production line

  • Assembling the vehicle

Automatic assembly line in our workshop

The vehicle front assembly line is equipped with electric hoist and EMS (Electrified Monorail System) conveyor, thus resulting in less labor fatigue.

  • Vehicle front assembly area

  • Our staff is installing parts at the front of the vehicle.

Semi-automated electric hoist production line
Our electrified monorail system is utilized to convey the vehicle frames in the most efficient way possible. This can also help to improve the security of operators while simultaneously ensuring that assembly line runs smoothly.

Rear suspension sub-assembly
Here we install the rear brake discs, rear shock absorbers and other auto parts. The disc brake can offer a great number of benefits, like fast heat dissipation, light weight, easy adjustment, stable braking effect, and strong resistance to muddy water. The vehicle runs normally in winter and under bad road conditions. It can fast absorb shock from the bumpy road.

Battery assembly
Here we can accomplish the connection of batteries as well as the fixing of battery compartment covers. Chilwee batteries have long lifespan and great capacity. They are immune to vibration and have a low rate of self-discharge. Additionally, they are known for their superior low-temperature discharging and fast charging capabilities.

Fuse box assembly
In this process, wires are connected to the heater power supply, controller, DC-DC power input, battery charger output, battery compartment anode, high-voltage compartment anode, battery compartment cathode, controller cathode and high-voltage compartment cathode. Then a dust cover is mounted on the product.

Rear bumper assembly
The rear bumper is installed on the car body. All of the mounting holes are correctly positioned, and the assembly torque value is 13±3N.m.

Installation of the motor and speed reducer
There is an extremely high demand for the precision of the surface. The surface flatness must reach up to 0.05mm, and the surface roughness is at most 1.6μm. The torque value of the assembly is 30±5N.m, and the concentricity is controlled within ±0.02mm.

The constant-speed drive shaft is considered as a critical part of the vehicle drive system. Its chief function is to transfer power from the speed reducer to the drive wheel of the vehicle, which can fulfill your vehicle drive shaft steering requirements. The power of the motor is stably and reliably transferred to the wheel. This drive shaft can compensate for the bounce of the vehicle’s suspension. It drives the vehicle to travel at high speed.

  • The car body is descending and will arrive at the floor chain.

  • Constant-speed drive shaft assembly

Here we install the parking brake, safety belt and seat. The shape of the seat is ergonomically designed, thus enabling much comfort and aesthetically pleasing exterior. The seat is safe and reliable, along with adequate strength, rigidity and durability.

  • Filling machine for windshield washer fluid and gear oil

  • Assembly of the car upholstery

Tyre assembling and vehicle lifting
Check if the tyre is defective before assembly. After the tyre is confirmed to have no quality defect, the vehicle body will be lifted to an overhead conveyor system and await general assembly. All of the tyres that we utilize can withstand all kinds of deformation, load and high/low temperature. They are excellent in load-carrying, traction and buffering.

Our giant warehouse occupies a total area of 1,500 square meters. It incorporates a diverse range of spare parts, accessories, as well as the goods and materials that are required by other departments. The two-story warehouse is managed in a standardized manner. The first story is used to store large pieces and the materials which are required by other departments. On the second story, we place the tools, protective supplies and a huge variety of auxiliary supplies.

  • Fully-equipped warehouse

  • The warehouse keeper is making an inventory for spare parts.